Lead Generation and Funnel Marketing

Sustainable Growth Depends on Scalable and Predictable Pipeline

Often our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump. It is important to understand the factors that drive growth and how these may need to change to reflect changing market circumstances. Where has business come from historically, what has driven growth and what is currently in the sales pipeline. Often a strategic review and pipeline (or funnel) model will identify where in the demand cycle we need to focus on marketing execution: top, middle or bottom of the funnel.


Below are some of the outcomes to expect from a thorough review of demand generation and pipeline management.

Leads and Pipeline Contribution

  • Understanding how leads turn into orders and consistently managing key stages in this journey provides greater insight for targeting marketing and sales resources effectively

  • Defining a ‘demand waterfall‘ for your business helps to identify who needs to do what to keep leads from leaking out and to increase sales velocity

  • Setting up content and campaign tracking will help identify where leads come from, which channels are successful at converting and where performance improvements can be made

Pipeline Conversion and Acceleration

  • Ensuring your marketing and sales pipeline stages are aligned and clearly defined will provide valuable data for gaining performance insights

  • Defining what sales and marketing both mean by something as seemingly straightforward  a ‘lead’ can be a major step forward in pipeline conversion improvements

  • Marketing  needs to be on the same page as sales throughout the sales cycle, not just when marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are passed across

  • A ‘closed loop’ system provides shared learning and joint performance-optimisation discussions