About Us

We Deliver Funnel Marketing Strategies that Drive Measurable Business Growth

B2B TechMarketing advises customers on the use of funnel marketing and ABM strategies to generate, qualify and convert leads into sales funnel and orders.

The B2B buying process can be complex, with multiple influencers and decision makers needing to engage with your company at various stages throughout their buying journey. We help you to cut through this complexity by focusing on the most important, data-driven buying signals, whatever channels your customers use to engage.

To be data-driven you need to be digital – combining inbound search and social marketing with outbound email nurtures and tele-based business development. And ensuring that Web systems, integrate seamlessly with marketing automation and CRM.

All of this must be under-pinned with great content that delivers your unique value proposition and articulates how your solutions solve your customers business challenges better than the competition.

B2B TechMarketing has a unique 10-point approach to assessing clients’ marketing maturity which quickly identifies both short term opportunities to impact pipeline and some of the longer-term building blocks that are needed to scale the business.

So whether you are a start up with a rapid need to generate qualified leads for the sales team, or a scale up, looking to establish more structured go-to-market processes to continue to grow, we can quickly help to get you productive.

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