Growth Depends on Effective Funnel Marketing Strategies

We put the creation of marketing qualified leads at the heart of your go-to-market strategy

Funnel Marketing Services

We deliver a Funnel Marketing strategy that drives measurable business growth

Tech companies that need to scale up, and start-ups who need to generate awareness and sales funnel fast, are reliant on generating demand for new business. To do that you need a marketing plan, access to experienced B2B marketing services providers and a team to connect all that activity with quantifiable business outcomes.

Welcome to B2B TechMarketing Solutions.

Our Services

Digital Demand Generation for Growth Companies

Lead Generation

Generate marketing qualified leads with 'always on' digital strategies

Campaign Management

Generate marketing qualified leads with 'always on' digital strategies

Digital Marketing

Optimise digital channels and search to generate conversions at lower CPA

Funnel Marketing

Nurture active opportunities to increase pipeline velocity and average order size

Web Marketing

Optimise content for visitor conversion with effective SEO and form strategies

Marketing Operations

A Technology Audit ensures that CRM, CMS and MAP support your growth

Fast Start Engagements

B2B TechMarketing provides fast start engagements and scale up lead generation strategies for high growth businesses – including marketing consulting services; B2B lead generation & funnel marketing; digital & web marketing; campaign management; marketing operations planning delivered by experienced TechMarketing practitioners


Deciding where to focus

Looking to develop your go-to-market strategy but not sure where to start? Need help planning or executing your next campaign? Let us guide you.

Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means making bold choices and taking insightful decisions. Ceri Jones, our business to business marketing expert, will identify what B2B marketing services make sense for you.


10 Steps to Growth

In our experience, there are 10 key focus areas for B2B marketing companies to get to grips with to successfully scale and sustain growth. From brand awareness to target market segments, to lead and pipeline management processes, it is important to understand what got you to where you are today and what is needed to cross the chasm.

Our 10-point assessment will baseline sales & marketing performance, identify short term wins and establish focus areas to develop a marketing strategy for B2B engagement.


“I had the pleasure of working for Ceri Jones for 4.5 years at Basware. I found him as “All Seasoned Tech Marketeer” full of knowledge (you can easily talk to him about any modern day MarTech problem), passionate to drive results, and fully customer centric. He is an extremely impressive leader and an exceptional mentor! Together we had the opportunity to build the Global Demand Centre at Basware, set it up for success by delivered some kick-ass projects acknowledged by leading B2B vendors & pundits. I would recommend him.”

Omair Izhar

Worked with Ceri at Basware. Now Marketing Operations Director at Splunk.

“I worked with and for Ceri during our time together at Basware. Ceri is an expert in his field with a deep understanding of Demand Generation, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Operations. He was great to work for and helped me grow my career in addition to being a hugely influencial leader in the business.”

Matt Danson

Worked with Ceri at Basware. Now VP, Martech & Digital Operations

“I feel very lucky to have worked both for and alongside Ceri in my career. His expansive knowledge in creating a successful demand center of excellence is driven through methodical and rigorous process using business intelligence. This alongside his operational expertise and meant that we always delivered success with proven results. On a personal level Ceri has been an incredible mentor to me. His support and advice has been invaluable, adding exponential value to my skills and confidence as a modern marketer.”

Holly Harding

Worked with Ceri at Causeway. Marketing Manager.

“Ceri is a creative but pragmatic Marketing leader. In my experience he was very successful at applying integrated marketing programs that were in alignment with corporate goals, efficient and productive in their execution, and creative and appropriate for the target audience.”

James Rogers

Worked with Ceri at Serena Software. Now CMO at Bardavon Health Innovations

Ceri has a real appreciation for the challenges faced by Marketing teams that are trying to scale and to get to a higher level of maturity, which allows him to effectively communicate the challenges and opportunities to other stakeholders, and equally to work on the fine details with a very high level of rigour.”

Matthieu Baril

Worked with Ceri at Causeway. Marketing Operations Manager.

“Ceri’s solid marketing approach, clear briefs and sensible feedback make him a great client to work with. He adds strategic insight, energy and direction to complex processes and is an inspirational leader. I have seen him create a highly structured team and approach that continues to deliver cultural and organisational change, moving Basware towards a truly modern approach to marketing”

Andrea Glenn

Worked with Ceri at Basware. Managing Director at Ledger Bennett

I’ve had the privilege of working for Ceri for nearly 4 years now and in that time I have known Ceri to be a well-grounded and down to earth senior leader. Ceri is a true dedicated professional and it is my pleasure to recommend him as a top notch senior leader in marketing.”

Merce Cozens

Worked with Ceri at Basware. Now Managing Director at Think Beyond

“Ceri worked for me for several years overseeing all marketing activities in Europe, Middle East and Africa during his tenure. Ceri is a very knowledgeable and experienced marketing expert and a seasoned manager. He understands marketing from an end to end perspective and on this basis can also generate positive results with a limited budget. He has worked in many different countries and with people of different mentalities. He contributed to the corporate markting activities and helped to make marketing intiiatives more productive. Ceri was a respected member of the European Management team.”

Michael Lindner

Worked with Ceri at Serena Software. Now Chief Marketing Officer at Pasabi

Our Clients

B2B TechMarketing consultants have worked with high growth software and SaaS companies to create brand awareness and generate demand with performance-led campaigns . Whether embarking on a digital transformation, or focused on short term lead generation, these companies all shared a need to think differently about scaling their business growth.