Marketing Director as a Service (MDaaS)

Your own dedicated Marketing Director, with a single point of marketing accountability, for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

Let us seamlessly manage your marketing strategy, and deliver measurable results, with our experienced and external team for a flat monthly fee – all focused on getting the results you need.

From our own experience, we know that many companies find it difficult to resource and fund a Marketing Director who can drive measurable pipeline outcomes from marketing investments. You need someone who can be accountable for marketing delivery that is scaled to your needs, at an agreed flat rate monthly cost, tailored to your business.

That’s why our Marketing Director-as-a-Service works for so many of our clients. Providing them with ongoing access to a Marketing leader with over 20 years’ experience in planning and executing marketing – all in line with a pre-agreed plan.


We design our outsourced team to fit with your own circumstances and requirements, following a FREE initial consultation with you. All examples shown here are for illustration only.

Business Objectives & KPIs

We will undertake a fact-find with you to understand your business objectives and marketing expectations. From this we’ll propose the mix of necessary people, technology and services required to deliver against your requirements and meet your goals.

Marketing Requirements

We’ll help you determine the service package that works with your monthly budget and enables us to deliver your needs. Your budget will cover the continuous involvement of a strategic marketing director to work with you and deliver your marketing plan, plus an entire team of marketing specialists to execute the activities associated with it.

MDaaS Monthly Budget

On approval of the budget, we then set about creating the marketing plan, content plan and operational plan. This includes the implementation of simple systems to deliver the activities, through to the deployment of ‘out-of-the-box’ technology, so we can get to work immediately. Whether that’s undertaking website updates and setting up email shots, to creating regular content for social media and advertising campaigns; or planning an SEO/ SEM strategy.

Marketing Plan & Metrics

Your team then sets about delivering the plan of activities, coordinated by your marketing director – your single point of contact. This involves the design and development of short and long form content and the planning and execution of its channel activation. You can choose to approve communications and projects before they are released yourself, or leave this to your strategic marketing director.

Delivery & Reporting

We’ll report on the performance of all marketing activities against the agreed KPIs. These typically include volume of leads and MQLs delivered, email performance, web page visits and conversions achieved, as well as social media analytics. We will also facilitate weekly and monthly meetings to share progress updates and agree recommended changes to the plan, based on the learnings we get as we deliver.


We design our outsourced team to fit with your own circumstances and requirements, following a FREE initial consultation with you. All examples shown here are for illustration only.

Email Programme

Social Media Content

Social Media  Management

Content Calendar

Performance Reporting

Weekly Status Meetings

Website & Blog Management

CRM & Automation Set Up
and Management

Social Media Advertising
(excl media spend)

Digital Advertising
(excl media spend)

Design and Copywriting

Strategic Marketing Plan

Press Releases

Monthly Strategy Meetings


SEM – Adwords (excl media spend)



Payable Every Month

Small Business


Payable Every Month



Payable Every Month