Marketing Strategy

Plan B2B marketing activities that drive measurable pipeline growth

Clients often approach B2B TechMarketing with a general idea of the challenges they need support with but unsure about short and longer term priorities and how to create a plan.


Managing growth requires a structured approach to Marketing and demand generation. With our 10-point plan we ensure that you look at all aspects of what is needed, both right now and in the future, to deliver sustainable growth. 


The opportunity to take stock, to get a clear picture of what is working and what needs attention, helps drive an effective marketing execution plan which you can immediately put into action as shown below.

Leads and Pipeline Contribution

  • ​Reduce the time taken to convert enquiries to SQOs by creating a process for sales-marketing alignment

  • ​Increase inbound leads by making changes to your website and improving findability

  • Increase marketing-sourced lead generation with
    engaging omnichannel campaigns across search, social and off-line channels

  • Establish structured lead qualification and lead scoring practices

Pipeline Conversion and Acceleration

  • Increase conversion from SAL to SQO with automated nurtures and improved sales and marketing alignment

  • ​​Increase average order pipeline value by targeting look-alike companies for your highest value customers

  • Establish structured pipeline management and forecasting procedures in your CRM to provide better performance visibility for management

  • Implement sales enablement platforms and/ or structured use of social selling to drive better engagement with buyers